“I love sharing a science-based approach to wellness using the most recent research but also allowing our own intuition and nature to lead the way.”

I’m a mum to Jago, who is nearly 5 & live in Southwick, Brighton with his Dad Gavin. I run my nutrition clinic and small hot yoga garage from here. I teach the hot hatha yoga method aswell as Yoga shred / Tabata HIIT classes & Yin Yoga.

I am someone who is passionate about sharing the benefits of wholefood nutrition, movement and mindset tools to come back to balance. I believe in the longevity approach to living well and the innate power of our bodies and minds to heal and come back to balance or homeostasis, given the correct environment. I have seen this through personal experience over the years.

Nutrition clinic – Southwick, Brighton.

Ryse Gold philosophy

Ryse GOLD is about valuing your body and your life journey in all it’s messiness, negatives, and positives. It’s about helping you to reduce chemical, emotional and physical stressors in our current climate, which over the long term cause inflammation by offering personalised and group coaching using easy, tangible steps that you incorporate into your daily life to have more abundant health.

We offer both online consultations via Zoom and also in clinic at Southwick, Brighton.

Finding the path that is right for you

“I feel like the professionals most equipped to guide you on your wellness journey are those who have walked the path and been through some of the struggles you may be facing health wise. “


I am grateful for any issues in the past as they always guide us on a path to learning more about ourselves and our individual biochemistry. Personally, I know what it’s like to feel anxious, as I went through a period in my early adulthood of anxiety. This is when I found how much yoga, meditation and energy therapies really put me back on the right path. I completed Reiki 1 and 2 during that time, as well as a number of meditation courses, including Mindfulness in London and Transcendental meditation in Brighton. When I moved to the UK from ireland initially, it was quite a stressful time for me and it is when I found the hot hatha yoga practise. I had never practised yoga before with any consistency, so the hot room was my first real experience of a yang yoga practise. I will never forget the feeling after the first class. I was always in to fitness and cardio but I had never experienced release and the natural high as I did after that first class.

The heat in the room was 40 degrees and this practise was at the height of it’s popularity at the time. There were 80 plus students in that hot room in London during my first class. Even though, the first few classes were challenging as my body got used to moving in that level of heat and humidity, I always felt amazing afterwards. Of course, I returned again and again, for that reason eventually to complete the teacher training in 2013 in Los Angeles, so that I could share the benefits of the practise with others. Since then, I have completed Yin yoga teacher training with Norman Blair in London and Yoga shred with Sara Nardini, which is a mix between vinyasa flow yoga and High interval training.

Secondly, I have had hormonal imbalances in terms of severe PMS and PCOS throughout my life and didn’t conceive for a number of years. When travelling and teaching yoga in Australia, I was practising yoga every day. I started a gluten and dairy-free eating habit for the 3 months. On the very first night I returned to the UK, after all those years, turning 40, we conceived my son, Jago. It was evident with the timing for sure, that it was down to the changes in eating habits and consistent daily yoga practise during my time away. The power of food and movement and mindset highlighted once again in terms of fertility. I wanted to know more so I signed up for my nutrition course.

During my time with the College of Naturopathic Medicine, I have also worked on my gut health. I tried a number of different diets, including veganism, paleo, ketogenic to learn more from a hands on perspective.

Knowing what I know now, I see all of the interconnections between the various health issues over the years and it all comes back to having tools in our 3 main areas of nutrition, mindset, and movement to come back to balance.

Ryse GOLD, the name itself denotes rising up to abundant health from the inside out. It’s about being your “GOLD”, prioritising self care and raising your energy vibration. Every positive step we make in terms of the food we eat, the thoughts we think and the movement that we do, raises your energy body vibration and thus releasing blockages for more abundance in terms of our health, from an energy therapy perspective.

We have 7 chakra’s in the body but did you know we have an 8th chakra and more? I am sure you are familiar with the Aura. The Aura is the 8th chakra essentially.

The colour of the 8th chakra is associated with the colour gold & functions as the energy epicenter of the entire chakra system. The purpose of this chakra is to protect the physical, emotional, and spiritual body. When the gold 8th chakra or aura is more balanced, so too are the other 7.

Abundant health is not in a pill.

Abundant health is not in taking your supplements and eating your kale alone.

“It is finding your balance in your nutrition, your exercise regime and mindset tools and it is very individual, as we all are.”


Abundant health is a journey and it’s about the awareness and the enjoyment of that journey with all it’s up’s and downs. It is about acquiring more life tools in our toolbox that we can use in times of stress and it’s about an awareness of the fact that:

“Every bite we eat, every move we make and the thoughts we think are creating our world and either creating balance or disharmony for now and our future selves.”


So overall, although I will be addressing a number of health conditions, my 3 areas of speciality in my clinic are:

  • Hormonal and blood sugar imbalance
  • Gut health
  • Anxiety and mood disorders
  • Metabolism and weight management

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