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Top 12 ingredients to avoid in your skincare products

We tend to focus on what we put in our mouths and forget about what we put on our skin. Before I started my nutrition course, I didn't even think about it so much but as you learn just how many toxins are in these products, it certainly makes you think twice about what you are actually putting on ... READ the POST

– The Vagus nerve – What happens in Vagus stays everywhere!

What even is the Vagus nerve and why should I really care? Think of the Vagus nerve as the Queen of the parasympathetic nervous system. The Queen of the chill out nervous system, the vagrant wanderer of the body with Wanderlust and the superhighway of communication between your brain and all of ... READ the POST

The hormones that make up your metabolism

For most of us, when we think of metabolism, we think calories and exercise. Eat less and exercise more to boost metabolism and lose weight because it has been fed to us for so long, that this is the way. Unfortunately, it's not that simple and energy expenditure and energy intake are only one ... READ the POST

Hot & Cold therapy

Think about when we get an injury and we use alternate hot and cold packs to reduce the inflammation. Similarly, when we expose ourselves to extreme cold, followed by extreme heat, we are generally reducing systemic inflammation in the body, making the body more resilient, improving blood flow and ... READ the POST

Your Caffeine fix – what’s the scoop?

Is caffeine all bad? The answer is - yes and no and it is very individual! There is still much disagreement about whether coffee is positive or negative for our health and there have been many studies more recently into the benefits. While one cup can make you feel more alert, motivated ... READ the POST

Biohacking – What is it? My experience of the health optimisation summit.

The Health Optimisation summit London - September 2019 Have you heard the word biohacking? Biohacking is a term used initially by the creator of the bulletproof diet and bulletproof coffee, Mr. David Asprey, dubbed the father of biohacking. I had the pleasure of helping out and attending the ... READ the POST