Top 10 ingredients with medicinal properties

What "superfoods" might you have already in the kitchen cupboards? Many of the everyday herbs you use contain specific compounds that give the medicinal properties that can be used to protect against disease and slow the effects of ageing. Here is a list of some of my ... READ the POST

What foods help digestion?

Enzymes Digestive enzymes break down larger molecules of food into more easily absorbed particles, and so are essential for proper digestion and nutrient absorption. Without them, we can’t process our food. Digestive enzymes can help heal leaky gut by taking the stress off the gastrointestinal ... READ the POST

How to remove sugar from your diet

It is only recently we have become aware of the detrimental effects of too much sugar in the diet for our overall health. Many studies have shown that removing sources of sugar from the diet not only helps with weight loss but can also reduce your risk of common health problems like type 2 diabetes, ... READ the POST