Listen to your gut

In this episode, your host, Melissa, naturopathic nutritionist, yoga and HIIT teacher will address the following queries on gut health.

Your body is constantly giving you signs of imblance and once we are aware of some of the symptoms of a disordered microbiome or dysbiosis, we can go to the source to address the issue.

She will talk to you about the microbiome:

  1. What is it and what are the symptoms of a disordered microbiome or dysbiosis?
  2. What are the common symptoms of dysbiosis to look out for?
  3. What are the various pathologies or diseases that can manifest when dysbiosis is left untreated?
  4. What foods should I be eating and should I supplement?
  5. What testing options are there and what will a test tell me?

She offers some general tips to support good gut health and to feed the good bacteria in the gut.

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