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Healthy Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Soups, Dinner, Smoothies, Sweet treats, Dips & condiments

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Plant-based wholefood recipe eBook, this eBook is free to download for registered customers only.

Eat a variety of plants using these super tasty recipes.

Why not double the ingredient for some of the main meals, portion and freeze.

Tasty recipes included:

  • Nutty chocolate bowl
  • Carrot cake oatmeal
  • Courgette banana bread
  • Buckwheat pancakes
  • Sandwich fillers like smashed chickpea, Beetroot and minted pea puree
  • Superfood salad
  • Quinoa and turmeric salad
  • Turmeric and sweet potato soup
  • Mushroom and tarragon soup
  • Lentil beet balls
  • Veggie shepherds pie

and more…

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