Have you heard of EUstress or Hormetic stress? Not all stress is bad.

So there are different types of stress and we naturally think all stress is bad right. Of course, there is the negative stress and chronic stress that has a huge negative effect on every aspect of our health and longevity. But we also need some stress and these are good stresses. One is ... READ the POST

Fasting, Time-restricted eating and Metabolic flexibility

In this episode, your host, Melissa talks about the different fasting and time restricted eating protocols. She busts some myths about fasting and highlights the benefits. She focuses in particular on fasting for women and listening to your body, taking it slow to start and fasting ... READ the POST

The hormone rollercoaster – How diet and lifestyle can help

Your host, Melissa Whitty, naturopathic nutritionist, yoga teacher and HIIT teacher talks to you in this episode about the increase of hormone dysregulation issues in society today and the reasons for this.  She talks about 6 key hormones that matter as well as some of the key hormone ... READ the POST

Do you exercise according to your cycle or life stage?

We all know that our cycle affects absolutely everything from our mental health to our skin, our stress levels and sleep quality, our cravings, appetite and weight gain so it is so important to support the different stages of our cycle with a supportive movement - not one that will increase cortisol ... READ the POST

Kids nutrition – Interview with Jessica Donovan from Natural Superkids

In this episode, we speak with naturopath and kids nutrition specialist, Jessica Donovan from Adelaide, Australia. Jessica runs her clinic in South Australia but also has an online business called natural super kids. Jessica shares her journey with us, suffering from mood issues and acne as a ... READ the POST

Interview with Michelle Flynn health Coach on stress

In this episode, I interview Michelle Flynn Health coach about stress, what is happening in the body in long term stress, key symptoms to look out for and the importance of adding stress management techniques daily on an ongoing basis. I summarise and add on to the interview at the end on ... READ the POST

Issues in our tissues – Emotional release with yoga

In this episode, your host, Melissa talks about the deep fascia and what it means for your flexibility and emotional release in the body. She talks about typical places that we tend to hold emotional baggage and stresses and about the meridians or energy channels. She talks about the ... READ the POST

Listen to your gut

In this episode, your host, Melissa, naturopathic nutritionist, yoga and HIIT teacher will address the following queries on gut health. Your body is constantly giving you signs of imblance and once we are aware of some of the symptoms of a disordered microbiome or dysbiosis, we can go to the ... READ the POST

The hormones that make up your metabolism

For most of us, when we think of metabolism, we think calories and exercise. Eat less and exercise more to boost metabolism and lose weight because it has been fed to us for so long, that this is the way. Unfortunately, it's not that simple and energy expenditure and energy intake are only one ... READ the POST